Digital Quran V.3 With MP3

Digital Quran V.3 With MP3

The Qur'an is Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'la speech that should be every man in general and Muslims in particular in order to learn the correct understanding, then believe in it and practice it in their daily lives. Digital Quran is one of the Windows-based computer program that displays the scriptures of the Qur'an so that is expected to be closer to her man in general and Muslims in particular by saying that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'la.

Digital Quran Version 3 (DQV.3) is the latest version of Digital Quran, which in version 3 there are several improvements and advantages when compared to previous versions, such as the system a more complete word searches (searches in Indonesian, English and Arabic), the learning Tajweed, the choice of the type of language translation (Indonesian-English), and the selection per letter or see the entire letter is in the Scriptures of the quran, but it still does not eliminate all of the simplicity and ease of DQV.3 for you, in a word DQV.3 will aid you in studying the scriptures of the Qur'an.

For those of you who are interested in this software please download here, you do not need to install this software, simply by the way it is extracted and Digital Alquran.exe already 


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